Heaven On Earth Event - Aug 2016

The Heaven on Earth event was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who joined us and prayed with us for this to happen. Thank you Jesus for everything!  Here are several testimonies resulting from that event.

  • Through the weekend event. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and experienced The Baptism of Fire. 
  • Many experienced their prayer love language and were rejoicing in tongues.  
  • Multiple Healings and many New Salvations
  • A persons back was healed. This person had been suffering with back pain for many years and he was excited by the relief from the pain he had lived with for so long.
  • A singer/songwriter was renewed in the Lord and able to finish a song he'd been working on for a while
  • A lady was able to minister to two hurting people on the way home from the event. She said she has never ministered in that way before and that they got to "explode Jesus" and the two people were so happy and overwhelmed.


Prison in Pampa, TX - Nov 2016

The prison trip was a big success! The inmates were touched in a way they had been praying for, for many months. The worship was out of this world, heavenly. Many healings happened both physically and emotionally. Many new salvations, including 8 Muslims and a Satanist. 

One of the correction officers said they had never seen the men respond and pay attention in the way they did for that specific service! 

The services were such a success and so impacting that we've been invited back 2 times a year for the next 10 years!!!

If you would like to see video testimony from Shalam and the rest of the guys who went on this trip please check out our Facebook page.

Prison in Pampa, TX - April 2017

The team had another amazing and successful trip to the prison in Pampa TX. This time they also had the opportunity to minister in a public school "twice" in Higgins, TX. The impact of the ministry in the school was felt through the entire town. People were touched, healed and delivered all across Higgins. 


Testimony​ - Jarod Cruthis
Because of their (RYS Ministries) faithfulness and partnership, I just sat down with about 20 people for lunch who are ready to go to the streets and minister in the name of Jesus! They have a passion and fire like never before. Had it not been for these amazing ministers, we may all still be doing church as usual. It's going to be a busy few months, but I can't thank them enough for their part in birthing such excitement in our church and ministry.

-Jarod Cruthis, Pastor of Lighthouse Community Church in Beaufort, NC

Revival in Beaufort, NC - Oct 2016

Revival Services in Beaufort, NC have been amazing! People have been lit up in the Holy Spirit and doors have been opened for more ministry in that area for RYS. 

  • Healings for multiple people
  • People filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Unity of different denominations
  • Salvations/Recommitments