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Shalam discovered that he is called to evangelize every place he goes. He enjoys speaking and praying with people everywhere. In churches, meetings, the market places, or just out to dinner with Rebecca. Anywhere the Holy Spirit inspires a conversation (this turns out to be pretty much every where).

Rebecca carries the administration of R.Y.S Ministries. Through prayer and encouragement she supports Shalam and her family. She recently completed her Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling with an emphasis on addiction. 

R.Y.S Ministries  (Rock Your Soul - pronounced "rise") was born out of the passion Shalam and Rebecca Das have to simply love everyone in front of them into an encounter with Jesus and the Kingdom of God. 
Our hearts desire is for everyone to see, feel and know the true, pure and unconditional love of The Father.
Shalam and Rebecca strive to be living examples of His love in everything they do and say so their lives represent the Way, the Truth and The Life of Jesus Christ!

​                                                                   Rock Your Soul 


Shalam and Rebecca Das have been married for over 21 years. They have three children. Both Shalam and Rebecca were born and raised in Seattle, Washington. They now call Hickory, North Carolina home base.

Shalam grew up surrounded by addiction and abuse. He said YES, and I DO to Jesus in his life in 2004.

"I've seen the inside of organized crime, addiction, and prison cells. I've experienced the hopelessness and bondage of a self indulging lifestyle. In Christ I am a new creation and now live a Blood bought, Sold out, on Fire life for Jesus."  --- S.Das

Rebecca grew up in a Christian home. She accepted Jesus in her life at a very young age.
"I spent 18 years of our marriage watching my husband be something he was never created to be. Praying for, believing in, and loving him until God grabbed  a hold of him. It is nothing short of a miracle that we are still married today. Gods ability to restore people speaks volumes of His incredible Love for everyone, regardless of where they are, what they have done or what they believe." --- Rebecca Das

Both of them recommitted their lives and were filled by the Holy Spirit in 2011.
As of 2019 they have traveled and ministered in 43 states across the USA.